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    K-Laser Treatment - the transformation has been astonishing

    20/10/2023 13:10 by Mr Seymour
    From a grateful owner and a much happier Barley.

    K-Laser treatment for Barley, my 12 year old Clumber Spaniel, when his mobility suddenly and drastically declined. Barley had been diagnosed with severe spondylosis, a form of Arthritis of his spine.
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    Meet 10 year old Ollie and 3 year old Sorcha who helped to save Ollie's life.

    22/07/2021 14:14 by Estelle Jenner
    Luckily Noosabay Kennels and Cattery are situated less than half a mile from us. We gave them a call and they were brilliant and immediately came to Ollie’s rescue, bringing down their own beautiful black Labrador Sorcha. At only 3 years old Sorcha is young, fit and healthy with a lovely temperament, making her perfectly suitable for a safe donation to help Ollie. She was brilliant and such a well behaved girl throughout, making absolutely no fuss.
  • Storm's_Story_Picture.jpg

    Storm's Story

    10/06/2021 15:42 by Estelle Jenner
    Read Storms story and why he is one very lucky boy.

    And what to do if you suspect your pet has ingested rat poisoning
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    Poppy's Plea by Estelle Jenner, Wangford Veterinary Clinic

    26/02/2021 11:34 by Estelle Jenner
    It is rare for apparently healthy animals to be anything other than healthy as they seem, however as Poppy’s story show it can happen…..Her family have allowed us to share her story so that her legacy ‘Poppy’s Plea’ may help others.
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    Diabetic pets can continue to lead healthy lives

    26/02/2021 09:00 by Estelle Jenner
    Supporting pets with Diabetes can be a daunting prospect

    Diabetes is a complex disease that most often develops in older pets. Just like in humans, diabetes in dogs and cats can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms.

    However, with careful management, and support from our team this condition doesn’t need to affect their quality of life.

    Read some real life stories from clients who have had pets diagnosed with diabetes and have found ways of helping their pets.
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    This is the case study of Roger, an eight year old English Springer Spaniel.

    18/12/2019 09:48 by Estelle Jenner
    An owner’s holiday here on the beautiful Suffolk coast came to a crashing halt when his beloved dog, Roger, was hit by a car whilst out for his evening walk. The panic-stricken owner obtained our telephone number from local residents and called the Wangford Vets 24 hour emergency service. Roger was brought to the clinic where he was promptly met by our vet Walter and head nurse Estelle.
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    Cosmo the Guinea Pig

    26/02/2019 12:27 by Lauren Jenner
    Cosmo is a guinea pig who came to see us because his owner had noticed that he had lost weight recently and he was seeming to be uncomfortable when passing urine, squeaking and arching his back.
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    Indi's Story

    01/12/2017 by Jill Asquith
    Three month old Indi, a gorgeous little Cocker Spaniel was rushed to the surgery in the early hours of the morning by her worried owners. Indi was showing signs of having ingested some form of toxin, she was collapsed and having seizures.

    Find out how we treated her and helped her to a very happy ending.