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We are extremely proud of being a small independent veterinary practice that is able to get to know you and your pets really well, however, it is very difficult for our small team to provide all of the emergency care ourselves and still have well rested, focused, daytime vets and nurses delivering the very best veterinary care. Staffing availability in this area is also a factor in the need to adjust the emergency night service that we have been offering. 

Our own on call vet and nurse will still be available in the evenings for any emergencies, up until 10pm. Our phones will then go to an external out of hours emergency critical care centre. Our experienced veterinary team here at Wangford will continue to look after hospitalised inpatients throughout the night, providing the best care possible for your pets. At weekends we will continue our own out of hours service until 6pm, transferring over for the night only.

MiNightVet will be our dedicated out of hours service. Centres are based at the Woodbridge branch in Melton or the Great Yarmouth branch in Gorleston and you may use either. They are a dedicated emergency service with a full-time night team who will be alert and effective however unsociable the hour. To find out more about MiNightVet  go to

They are qualified vets and nurses who have a special interest and extensive experience and training in all aspects of urgent critical care. We will work with them to ensure that there is always help available for your pet in the case of an emergency. If a patient does need to go to an emergency care centre, they will arrange with you for your pet to be transferred back to us at Wangford the following morning so that they can continue their hospital care with us. The vets there will make sure we are fully updated on treatment received. We will then take your pet back under our clinical care until ready for discharge.

In an emergency please call us on 01502 578999 and one of our friendly team will be able to assist you.

If your pet has a problem during surgery hours, please call us and our team will happily listen to your concerns and triage the problem to give you a plan of action. If it is deemed an emergency we will do all we can to ensure your pet receives the treatment it needs in the quickest possible time. 

Q Who will be looking after the hospitalised pets already at Wangford Vets?

 Our own nurses and vets.

Q If my pet comes into the clinic before 10pm and needs hospitalising will he/she be able to stay at Wangford?

 Yes, your pet will remain on the premises and cared for by our own team.

Q What phone number should I use to call MiNightVet?

 You will call our usual number 01502 578999 and after 10pm will be re-directed via our phone system.

Q Will MiNightVet have access to my pet’s full clinical history.

 Yes, absolutely. Our team looking after patients in our hospital here will send over all requested histories to the external out of hours centre.

Q What if I can’t collect my pet from the MinightVet myself the next morning?

MiNightVet can arrange for your pet to be brought back to Wangford Vets via animal ambulance.

Please dont hesitate to give us a call on the usual number 01502 578999 if you have any other questions of your own. 

 Next time you are in the practice please help yourself to one of our emergency cards to keep with you. Apart from the telephone number it also has instructions of what to do in an emergency. 


Out-of-hours veterinary fees are typically higher than daytime fees. This is due to the increased costs of providing a dedicated team, who work at nights, on weekends and bank holidays, trained and skilled in dealing with accidents and emergencies.

Once the veterinary surgeon has examined your pet, they will discuss with you any tests that may need to be run and any treatment that needs to be given. At this point, it’s also likely you will be given an estimate of the cost of any treatment.

If you have pet insurance, all or some of the costs you incur may be reimbursed. However, insurance policies vary considerably so you should check your policy to see what it covers and what excesses apply.


*Out-of-hours consultation fee before 10pm, including a dedicated vet and nurse - £200.00

*Out-of -hours consultation fee after 10pm, MiNight fees will apply 

* Out -of-hours consultation fee after 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, MiNight fees will apply 

*Plus hospitalisation and treatments required for your pet