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                                              Our very own directory of quality pet-related services in the area

At Wangford Veterinary Practice we are asked all the time if we can recommend local pet services such as groomers, pet boarding, pet sitters, walkers, photographers, shops and suppliers etc. The most important thing to them all is finding a service that not only is very good at what it does, but is also one that they can TRUST. .

It’s only natural we all want the best for our furry friends, they have helped to keep us sane throughout lockdown and been the faithful companion that is always there - they are much more than a pet, more  a dear family member.

It has to be the right choice when looking for suitable services to care for your pets. But how do you choose? 

Trusted reviews, rated by other pet owners who have already used a service can really help you and other other potential customers make confident decisions . 

                                 Please could you spare a few minutes to share your experiences of our listed businesses 

Our innovative local themed pet services directory encourages customers to stay locally loyal and helps businesses to get back onto their feet after a very difficult year of lockdowns. 

As well as helping pet owners, your reviews help enable businesses to keep providing the best experience possible for you and your pets. Please could you take a minute to post a review about a business that you have used, belonging to the Pet Hub Directory. Let them know what keeps you coming back.  

While you are there take a look at our members’ individual business member’s pages. Sign up for your free customer membership and receive special offers and local pet news and events 

When you are looking for a business or service to help you care for your pet in and around the Wangford, Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth, Southwold and Lowestoft area, and it needs to be someone you can trust to provide:                 * Excellent service * Have professional qualifications * Be friendly and caring * Pride themselves on a high standard of safety and work, then the Pet Hub Directory is a good place to start. 

The Pet Hub Directory has been in the planning stages for some time - before the arrival of COVID. However, it is at this time more than ever that as a community, we need to work together and support each other.

We see Pet Hub as a circle of businesses all working within a similar area, not just geographically but all serving local pet owners in one way or another. For example, the people that use Wangford Veterinary Clinic are likely to be the same people that are looking for other pet services in the area.

The Pet Hub Directory is now up and running and lists 30 + pet services here in our local community. Each business brings to Pet Hub its own unique expertise to work together, not in competition, but instead to complement each other and provide a full and diverse list of exceptional services for the pet owning community.

You can join the Pet Hub NOW for FREE, it only takes a few moments to register and you will then be able to leave your reviews, receive news of local pet themed events and the special offers made available by the PET HUB businesses.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU - We will NEVER share your details with anyone.