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Prior to the procedure

  • Please do not withhold food or water from your pet before the procedure; it is very important that they eat up until the op. Please bring in a small amount of their normal food so that we can encourage them to eat during their stay.
  • Please bring your pet in a carrier lined with newspaper or a towel, free of bedding and sawdust this is to prevent contaminating the wound later.
  • Make sure they are clean and dry. This can help prevent wound infections. 
  • We may need to contact you during the procedure or to discuss results. Please be prepared to leave a contact number where we can reach someone at all times.
  • On arrival at the surgery you will be asked to sign an anaesthetic consent form. Please read this form carefully and advise of any other treatment required whilst your pet is under the anaesthetic e.g. dental, micro-chipping, nail clipping, grooming, ear cleaning etc.

Micro-chipping is offered at a discounted price if carried out at the time of the procedure.

Home time

  • We normally ask you to ring at 2pm to get an update on your pet and a time for collection. 
  • Please ensure you have made arrangements for someone to keep a close eye on your pet the evening they come home from their procedure. 
  • It is important to monitor if your pet is eating, drinking, urinating and defecating. Please contact the surgery if this has not happen within 24 hours.