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Cosmo is a guinea pig who came to see us because his owner had noticed that he had lost weight recently and he was seeming to be uncomfortable when passing urine, squeaking and arching his back.

He came for an appointment with our exotics vet Catherine. With his history Catherine suspected that he may have a bladder stone and so admitted him to take some xrays. The xrays did reveal the presence of a stone within his bladder. He was put on some pain relief and encouraged to eat with his operation booked for the next day. With a bit of pain relief on board he felt much better. 

The next day he was prepared for surgery where his abdomen had to be opened to get to the bladder and remove the stone. His anaesthetic and surgery went smoothly, a relatively large stone was removed from his bladder and he was closed up again. On recovery he seemed to be feeling much better and began eating well. 

Cosmo's wound is now healed and he is happy to be reunited with his owner and can live a normal life. He does needs to be careful about what he eats though to reduce his risk of having another stone.

Pictured below: Cosmo's op - stone being removed from the bladder and the stone next to a pen for comparison. Final picture Cosmo looking well - his cheeky usual self !