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We have designed our own pet” in case of emergency “card and key ring for you to carry with you everywhere you go. If you are ever in an emergency situation, ill or injured and unable to speak for yourself, your key ring and card contains the contact details of the people you’ve selected to be notified to look after your pets, so you know they will be cared for and not be left home alone.

Our key rings have matching cards to go into a purse or wallet and will hopefully act as an alert to emergency staff. Both the card and key ring are bright and clearly marked “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” and include a first aid symbol so should be seen by anyone in an emergency situation.

Wangford Vets have had 1000 card and key ring sets made and will be giving them away to clients and visitors to Wangford Veterinary Clinic.

We feel that carrying this keyring and card could make all the difference for the pets concerned and would also give real peace of mind for the owners. It certainly would me, I love my animals, I have 5 dogs and 4 cats they are part of my family and the thought of them left fend for themselves for who knows how long, fretting and stressed not to mention becoming dehydrated or without anyone to give  them food or water  is just unthinkable. 

Walter Stohr, Vet and practise owner said “we all have to leave our pets at home sometimes even if it’s only to go the shops, so what would happen to them if something happened to you while you were out?  It really makes you think doesn’t it?  It’s even more important for people who live on their own, to carry a keyring and card, you can’t put a value on having peace of mind knowing that your pets would be looked after”

Cats often have a cat flap and many are by nature more independent than most pets but dogs in particular would become very upset and start fretting when their owner didn’t return at the usual time. They would not have access to food and water and even if they were discovered, its important to have a nominated person that has previously agreed to take care of them.

We have designed the keyrings and cards ourselves as we really believe it could save a lot of distress for owners and pets alike. We initially have 1000 available and will give 60 pence in every £1 donated to the East Anglian Air Ambulance the other 40 pence will go to printing some more sets of keyring and cards.