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Meet our amazing nursing team here at Wangford Veterinary Clinic, led by our experienced Head Nurse Estelle.

Photo from the left: Lauren - Student Veterinary Nurse, Emily RVN, Steph RVN, Susanne RVN, Jess RVN, Estelle Head Nurse, Jazz - Veterinary Care Assistant, Sian- Student Veterinary Nurse.

They all share a genuine love of animals and enjoy looking after your pets every step of the way, applying their extensive skills and experience to provide round the clock compassionate care to each and very patient.

A consultation with a veterinary surgeon is, of course, always available at Wangford Veterinary Clinic but we also offer a range of clinics with our experienced, qualified veterinary nursing staff. All our qualified nurses are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and have extensive experience in veterinary practice in addition to widespread personal knowledge. 

There are many advantages for your pet to receiving regular nurse check-ups. Many nurse services are absolutely free, and the rest considerably less expensive than when in a consultation with a veterinary surgeon. Nurse appointments with Estelle, Steph Susie, Emily, and Jess often have a longer time allocated in order that we can really get to know your pet and they are available for a variety of consultations, mornings and afternoons. 

These include:


We strongly recommend a microchip implant for all of your pets to ensure that he or she may be identified easily should they go missing. Microchips are easily implanted with a quick injection into the scruff of the neck and checked to ensure they can be read by a scanner.  Should a stray animal be brought into the surgery our nurses will happily scan them for an identification microchip and assist you in finding the owner through the national Pet Log database.

*Flea checks and advice/tick removal (free clinic)

If you are not sure how to check your pet’s coat or what to look for our nurses will show you what to do and explain how and where parasites are likely to be found and how to treat them. Worming advice and pill administration is also available.

* Advice to help you look after your new puppies and kittens, plus free puppy and kitten packs (free clinic)

Puppy Pack is bursting with all the essential information you need to keep your new puppy happy and healthy. Also included a flea comb, a voucher for a free flea and tick check to use whenever you wish, a Frisbee for a bit of active fun with your puppy and a food sample. Kitten Pack includes all the above but with a Kitten Ball instead of Frisbee

We love meeting your new puppies and It’s an ideal opportunity to socialise your him or her, while finding out how to keep them happy and healthy. 

* Adolescent Puppy Check with weight with Flea and worm (free clinic)

Weight management, diet and nutrition clinic (free clinic)

The nurse will assess your pet’s body condition and tailor a feeding and exercise regime practical to your pet’s capabilities and your schedule. Free Frisbee, calorie counter, and diet tips sheet. 

Dental checks, care and advice (free clinic)

Have you noticed any of the following changes in your pet? Bad breath; Change in eating habits; Pawing at the face or mouth; Depression;  Excessive drooling; Discolored, broken, missing or crooked teeth; Red, swollen, painful or bleeding gums; Yellowish-brown tartar along the gum line; Lumps, bumps or growths                                                                                              within the mouth. 

 * Diabetic Clinic - helping you to care for your diabetic pet (with Estelle)       

*Furry Friends Pet Health Club Checks (free clinic)

 * K- Laser clinic

 * Triage emergency patients

 * Insurance claim advice (with Estelle)

 *Senior Health Checks – if your pet is over 8 years old we can offer him a senior pet health assessment! (free clinic)

As pets enter their senior years it is not uncommon for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney and thyroid problems to develop. These diseases can progress unnoticed in their early stages so early detection and preventative healthcare is vital to help your older pet enjoy full quality of life. We will keep an eye on your senior pet’s health and let you know if your pet needs to see a vet.  

Free health examination, free urine analysis, free advice on diet, dental care, exercise, senility, lumps, joint care and much more. 

* Admission and discharge of patients 

*Routine post-operative checks/stitch removal

Following veterinary procedures involving a general anesthetic.

*Wound Management, stitches removed, dressing and bandage changes 

Our nurses will inspect the surgical site regularly, dress wounds and be on hand for advice and support should you need it.   

*Claws clipping, anal gland emptying and grooming

Keeping nails and claws healthy is important to prevent injury or infection to your pet’s paws however it is not the easiest task to achieve at home. Our nurses are very experienced and have a range of clippers on hand. They can also empty anal glands and help with grooming issues in dogs and cats, and will advise if any knots and tangles have got to the point where it would be kinder to admit the pet to be sedated or for more major grooming.

* Administer second and third vaccinations as part of a course (first vaccination with a vet)