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Meet our amazing nursing team here at Wangford Veterinary Clinic, led by our experienced Head Nurse Estelle.

Photo from left: Lily (Animal Care Assistant) Catherine (dispensing assistant), Jess(RVN), Lauran (RVN), Sian (RVN) Estelle (RVN/Head Nurse), Emily (RVN), Steph (RVN), Sarah (Student Vet Nurse), Charlie (Animal Nursing Assistant) RVN = Registered Vet Nurse  

They all share a genuine love of animals and a wide range of knowledge whether that’s supporting you with your golden oldies, your new puppies, or everything in between they will be there to support you every step of the way, applying their extensive skills and experience to provide round the clock compassionate care to each and every patient.

A consultation with a veterinary surgeon, is of course, always available at Wangford Veterinary Clinic but we also offer a range of clinics with our experienced, qualified veterinary nursing staff. All our qualified nurses are registered with the Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons and have extensive experience in veterinary practice in addition to widespread personal knowledge.

There are many advantages for your pet to receiving nurse check –ups. Many nurse services are absolutly free, and the rest considerably less expensive than when in a consultation with a veterinary surgeon. Nurse appointments with Estelle, Steph, Emily, Lauren and Sian often have a longer time allocated in order that we can really get to know your pet and they available for a variety of consultations, mornings and afternoon.

These include 

* Diabetic clinic – helping you to care for your diabetic pet (with Estelle)

* Furry Friends Pet Health Club checks (free clinic)

* Triage emergency patients

* Insurance claim administration, advice and phone queries (with Steph)

* Admission and discharge of patients - following veterinary procedures involving a general anaesthetic

*Routine post-operative check, stitch removal, wound management, dressing and bandage changes.

Our nurses will inspect the surgical site regularly, dress wounds and be on hand for advice and support should you need it.

* Claws clipping and anal gland emptying

Keeping nails and claws healthy is important to prevent injury or infection to your pets paws however it is not the easiest task to achieve at home. Our nurses are very experienced and have a range of clippers on hand. They can also empty anal glands and advise with grooming issues. They can de-mat your cats knots, either in clinic if minor, or once admitted to the hospital and be performed under sedation.

*Blood tests

It’s usually a nurse you will see to obtain your pet’s regular blood test.


While microchipping your cat isn't compulsory at the moment, the Government's announcement on 13 March 2023 means that all pet cats in England must be microchipped by 10 June 2024 and you will be given 21 days to get your cat chipped or face a fine of up to £500 if you don't comply.

Microchips are easily implanted with a quick injection into the scruff of the neck and then checked to ensure that it can be read by a scanner. Should a stray animal be brought into the surgery our nurses will happily scan them for an identification microchip and assist you in finding the owner through the national Pet Log database.

* Administer second and third vaccinations as part of a course (first vaccination is always with a vet)

* Regular injections

Injections such as Solensia, Librela and Cytopoint will be administered by one of our nurses upon prescription from the vet. The vet will need to be seen by the vet, every 6 months to continue this treatment. Having the injection done with the nurse reduces the consultation charge for you.

* Immunotherapy Injections

If you require us to inject your pet rather than you doing this at home, the nurse can perform this, again the consultation charge will be reduced.

*Weight management, diet and nutrition clinic (free clinic)

The nurse will assess your pets body condition and tailor a feeding and exercise regime that is practical for your pets capabilities and your schedule.

The following signs may indicate the need for an appointment:

Your pet is struggling to get up or showing stiffness or weakness.

They are visibly overweight.

There is a reluctance to play or less enthusiasm to get moving.

Slowing down on walks and have dull skin and coat condition.

*Dental checks, care and advice (free clinic)

Have you noticed the following changes in your pet? bad breath, change in eating habits, pawing at the face and mouth, depression, excessive drooling, discoloured, broken, missing or crooked teeth, red swollen, painful or bleeding gums, yellowish-brown tartar along the gum line, lumps, bumps or growths within the mouth.

*Flea checks etc.

If you are not sure how to check your pet’s coat or what to look for, our nurses will show you what to do and explain how and where parasites are likely to be found and how to treat them. Worming and pill administration is also available.

Pets need to have seen a vet in the last year for us to be able to prescribe any flea or worm medication.

Senior Pet Health Checks

Free Senior Health Clinics from eight years of age.

*Find out about age related problems

*Discuss Mobility

*Diet and Weight

*Dental Health and Care

*Claws Clipped and Urine Test

*Discounted Senior Blood Health Check

*K – Laser Drug-free, Surgery-free - Stress-free Pain Relief

K-laser can be prescribed for a variety of conditions, and improves healing time, reduces pain, increases circulation and decreases swelling. Once a course of lasers has been directed by vet, nurses are qualified to carry out the treatments.

To find out more about K-laser go to https://www.wangfordvetclinic.com/page/12300/k-laser-treatment


If the vet has suggested cryotherapy for your pet, then it will often be a nurse whom performs the procedure.

Cryotherapy is an alternative to surgery where removal of a wart, growth or lesion is required. It works by freezing the affected tissue, its quick and painless procedure that is generally a one visit treatment for your pet.

*Puppies and Kittens (free clinic)

Puppy and kitten packs are bursting with all the essential information you need to keep your new puppy and kitten happy and healthy.

We love meeting your new puppies and kittens, especially with the puppies its an ideal opportunity to socialise him or her with us and the waiting room, while finding out how to keep them happy and healthy.

You are welcome to bring your adolescent puppy for weight checks, flea and worm treatments.