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With the help of our wonderful clients and animal lovers from throughout the community Wangford Veterinary Clinic have been able to give a donations to seven different rescue charities, who care for a range of stray, abandoned, unwanted and injured animals including wildlife.

We know that caring for these animals does not come cheap with food, equipment, kennels, medication, neutering, micro-chipping, parasite control and heating bills going through the roof over the winter months. There is no government funding available either, so the money that has been donated really will make a difference.

Your generosity also helps to take the pressure off these charities and their volunteers, so they can concentrate on the most important aspect of looking after the animal’s day to day care instead of the constant battle to raise funds.

The benefiting charities this year are F.A.I.T.H Animal Rescue, Cats Protection League Anglia Coastal, Cats Protection, Saxmundham and Framlingham, Greyhound Trust Eastern Counties, Norfolk and Suffolk Animal Trust,  PACT Animal Sanctuary and Yarmouth Greyhounds Home Finders. 
Donations of items such as food, treats, toys and bedding were all distributed in time to be used over the Christmas period.

Walter Stöhr said the support of this year’s appeal had been fantastic, probably the best to date and he wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for answering the call to help.


Santa Paws 2019 - All animals matter

We would like to ask your help to give the gift of love and warmth to homeless and abandoned animals this Christmas with our Santa Paws Appeal.

Pets play such an important part in our lives, being our friends and companions that give us love unconditionally. They protect our homes, and are there whenever we need them, asking for nothing but love and tenderness in exchange for all they give. Our Santa Paws Appeal is a reminder that we need to return that love, and remember them at this most special time of year.

The Christmas period is always busy for animal rescue centres everywhere with increased numbers of pets being abandoned as their owners feel the seasonal pinch. With these Christmas casualties adding to the already overcrowded rehoming centres you can imagine resources are stretched to capacity. Walter and almost every member of the team at Wangford Veterinary Clinic, has re-homed a number of cats and dogs, a bearded dragon and even a pig, all of them homeless, abandoned or unwanted for one reason or another, but we can’t take them all and that’s why every year we hold our appeal, and thanks to the amazing generosity of our clients and animal lovers from all over Waveney we are able to give both supplies and financial assistance.

How you can help
At this time of year heating bills usually soar as volunteers struggle to keep these unwanted pets healthy and warm, so donations to help pay these monstrous bills are always very useful as are donations of cosy beds and warm fleece blankets. They don’t have to be new, maybe you have some old and unwanted items stored away somewhere that are no longer needed.

Huge amounts of food are always wanted, wet or dry foods, any variety, all will be made use of to keep tummies full and content, so if you can spare even a small amount of cash to buy an extra tin or bag of food when you get your own pets food, it will all go towards making a big difference to pets in care.
Food and bedding are of course the most essential items needed to care for these animals but it is Christmas time and if you feel you would like to give something more festive, then treats and suitable cat and dog toys to keep them occupied are also very welcome.

Another idea if you have children, is that they may like prepare a stocking with items such as treats and toys for a dog or cat instead, it would be great and very welcome.

Although our appeal is about the animals, we recognise that without the support of those individuals who not only give up their Christmas but love them and dedicate themselves to their welfare, there’d be nowhere for them to go so Wangford Vets will be donating a little something to thank the volunteers for all their hard work too.