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Meet Storm! Storm presented at the clinic as he started coughing after his evening walk. His coughing had gotten increasingly worse alarming his owners when he started to cough up fresh blood, at this point they rushed him straight in to see Vet Eva. His vitals were stable when he arrived at the clinic, but he was pale. He was admitted into our hospital for investigations. His conditioned worsened, he became a lot more subdued, vomited up dark blood and passed black faeces. Additionally, Storm was having nose bleeds and his gums had become a much paler pink (your pets mucous membranes should always be a nice salmon pink colour). Bloods were taken and these showed prolonged clotting. His symptoms were becoming more and more serious. A radiograph of Storm’s chest suggested haemothorax, meaning that he was now bleeding internally, leading Eva to suspect rat poison intoxication. Talking to his anxious owners confirmed our suspicions when they informed us that Storm had ingested a couple of dead mice prior to this.

We started administering Vitamin K intravenously to help with Storm’s blood clotting and he was receiving close monitoring in the meantime. His ‘Packed Cell Volume’ (PCV = the measure of blood that is made up of red blood cells, indicating anaemia if low) had decreased and his owner had given consent for a blood transfusion if needed. Storm also had Petechial haemorrhage on his gums, which looks like small red spots on the mucous membranes, this is a very serious condition indicative of blood clotting issues, commonly seen after ingestion of a rodenticide.

Careful monitoring throughout the night by our Vet Nurse Estelle was paramount at this time. To our delight Storm started to improve, responding to the medication and treatment being administrated and that following evening we decided we were happy to send him home with medication and strict monitoring.

A recheck appointment the next day showed further improvements, his gums started to improve in colour and his PCV started to increase too. A few days later, Storm was doing great, his PCV results were back to normal and his gums were nice and pink, bloods showed that his clotting was almost back to normal.

Over the next few weeks Storm visited for check-ups , always greeting us with his happy wagging tail. Storm has made an amazing recovery and his blood results were completely back to normal. He is a gorgeous boy and has been so well behaved for us, but we did agree with his owner that we now only want to see him back for his booster from now on!

If you suspect that your pet has ingested rat poisoning, please call the practice immediately 

Ingestion of rodenticides is incredibly dangerous as there is a strong chance of internal bleeding which can be fatal if not treated quickly. Your pet may not show symptoms for a few days after ingesting a rodenticide but it is important that they see a vet immediately if this is suspected.
Signs of internal bleeding can include weakening and lethargy accompanied with vomiting/coughing up blood, nose bleeds, bleeding from the gums, blood in stools and breathing difficulties. If your pet has any of these symptoms please call your vet immediately.