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Emergency care for your pets

Wangford Veterinary Clinic provides 24 hour on-site emergency care for registered clients. This means that in an emergency you telephone us on our normal contact number which will refer you to our emergency answering service. They will take your details and contact the vet on duty, the vet will then return the call to discuss your concerns and make arrangements to meet you at the surgery if required. If your vet needs to be hospitalised overnight it will be cared for at our practice by our team.

Overnight hospitalisation of in-patients

Occasionally, it may be necessary for your pet to stay in the practice overnight or over the weekend due to his/her condition.

Wangford Veterinary Clinic does not have a vet or nurse permanently on the premises during the hours of 6.30pm- 8.30am on weekdays and between Saturday 12.30pm and Monday 8.30am.

For those patients that are required to stay in the hospital during these hours the number of times the vet or veterinary nurse will check on that in-patient is determined by that pet’s condition. Each case is treated on an individual basis. For instance some pets may need round the clock nursing. The nurse and vet can also check on your pet via a monitoring webcam set up on your pet’s cage like a closed-circuit television linked to the phones and this allows us to recognise any unexpected changes that could have occurred and to make continual observation of his/her comfort.

You can be assured that, should your pet require it, intensive care will be given during these hours and the vet or nurse will remain with your pet as long as necessary.   

Before leaving an animal at a practice, the owner, keeper or carer will be made aware of the level of supervision that will be provided to the animal, particularly the level of supervision outside normal working hours.   

It will not be possible to contact the vet directly during these hours as the main surgery number will be diverted for emergency calls only. Should the vet need to contact you during the time your pet is with us he/she will refer to the numbers you left with your consent form.