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An owner’s holiday here on the beautiful Suffolk coast came to a crashing halt when his beloved dog, Roger, was hit by a car whilst out for his evening walk. The panic-stricken owner obtained our telephone number from local residents and called the Wangford Vets 24 hour emergency service. Roger was brought to the clinic where he was promptly met by our vet Walter and head nurse Estelle. 

Roger was in a very serious condition, showing obvious and very worrying signs of brain trauma. No other damage was visible at this stage. Roger was admitted to the hospital for urgent, intensive through the night, care. Roger’s condition was life threatening - at this stage we were unsure if he would survive the next few hours. He received intravenous fluids and medications for the shock and brain trauma that he had suffered. Walter and Estelle worked together around the clock to help this lovely boy and over the next few days Roger started showing some signs of improvement, although he was still in a very serious condition.   

Roger was staying here with his owner along with his other two English Springer Spaniels. Their holiday was ending and as it was a busy Bank Holiday weekend it was proving very difficult to find somewhere to stay in or around the Southwold or Wangford area, especially as he also had two dogs with him. This poor owner not only had the worry and upset of Roger’s injuries but was also struggling to find somewhere to stay. Luckily, the owners of The Wangford Plough kindly offered to let them stay in one of the chalets, along with the other dogs, which allowed Roger to continue with his medical care before travelling back to his home in Wales.  

As Roger was now, slowly but surely, showing signs of improvement Estelle decided to take him home to her house to nurse over the weekend, deciding that the environment of home and garden would be more natural and reassuring for him, hopefully helping with Roger’s recovery and rehabilitation, whilst still being fully supported by intravenous fluids and medication.  

Throughout this time, Roger’s owner was free to come and visit him in our hospital and also at Estelle’s house, allowing them to enjoy time together in the garden whilst providing Roger with the love and strength to fight his way back to recovery.  

After seven days, although still a long way from full recovery, it was thought that Roger had improved enough to withstand the long journey home, where his own vet would be expecting to see him and take over his care. He was all set to be discharged but then started to have fits. Seizures had always been a concern for his future after such a severe trauma to his head. Although these fits were able to be controlled by medication, once again, Roger’s trip home was delayed.  

He was later discharged to spend an evening at the chalet with his owner who had us at the end of the phone if needed. Roger had a stable night that resulted in the decision that he was safe to make the long journey back to Wales.  

Roger continued to make improvements and his owner kept in touch with regular updates and photographs of his progress. It was lovely to hear of his continued improvement.  

We are delighted to report that this brave dog has gone on to make an amazing recovery, enjoying his life with his very caring and dedicated owner and the other family dogs.  

“It was my pleasure to be involved with such a complex case and be part of Roger’s hospital care plan. Following his recovery has been an absolutely heart-warming and happy time for me.” Stelle