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IS IT SAFE to give my dog ice cubes and frozen treats?

We are aware of several views on this subject on social media. In our opinion ice cubes are OK to give dogs, but not really necessary, cool drinking water and paddling pools etc are usually sufficient.

Water is essential to your pet staying hydrated, and that water can be in liquid or solid ice form, however, while ice cubes are safe for your dog in many instances, there is, a small chance that they could cause harm as well.

We have never seen an instance of a dog choking on ice, but it is possible that a very large piece could lodge in a dog’s airway before melting sufficiently.

In the case of a dog suffering from a heatstroke crisis, then we do have to be careful that we do have not to induce shock, so would use wet towels and NOT ice cubes.

If you suspect heatstroke, wet your dog down with room temperature water – focusing on your pet’s underside and then go straight to your vet.

The advice of the RSPCA, The Blue Cross and the Dogs Trust is all very similar, suggesting that ice cubes can be added to water bowls and freezing stuffed kongs and homemade frozen treats are all ok to help keep your pet hydrated