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Whilst some dogs bounce in the door with tails wagging and can’t wait to see us, it can be a very stressful time for others (as well as their owners) that aren’t quite so keen. There are new smells, sounds in the waiting room meaning more pressure for you dog to deal with. The chances are your dog will also run into other animals too, all of which means your dog can be in a fearful state before they even get in to see the vet!

The team at Wangford Vets are determined to make visits to see us as positive as possible and we encourage social visits for any dogs and owners who feel they could benefit. We are only a small team here so you will almost always see the same team members, which is important for continuity and helps with the predictability for the dogs. Your visit allows us to meet and get to know you and your dog too.

This initiative provides an opportunity for multiple visits without any pressure, and allows dogs to explore the environment and build confidence. Progress is always dictated by the dog and they are never forced to do anything they are uncomfortable with. Sometimes just sitting in reception, popping them on the scales and a treat or two from one of the team can make all the difference.

Try to come in when the practice is quieter, such as at the beginning or end of a consultations (check with reception but it is most often in-between 1 and 3pm). You can even ask the receptionist which vet it is best to see, for example is your dog better with men or women?

Pheromone and herbal support

Pet remedy a natural herbal de-stressing product and Adaptil, which contains, a pheromone, have both been proven to provide reassurance to puppies and dogs of all ages, helping them to feel safe and secure when encountering stressful situations. Using one of these sprays in the car and/or a collar on your dog will help in these situations.