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Night team

Everyone at our practice is committed to providing you with the very best in pet healthcare. Our veterinary team bring a wealth of experience to the practice and have individually obtained high standards of professional qualification.

You are looking at our 24 hour emergency night team. To see our day team, please click here.

It’s a bit lonely... there are no team members yet.
  • Billy
    Friend to Everyone
    Billy lives at Wangford Vets and is everyone’s friend, especially if there happens to be tuna sandwiches on the go!

    At over 19 1/2 years old (Approximately 97 in human years) he is the most senior member of the Wangford team, and seems to spend a lot of time power napping.

    He keeps an eye on everyone and regularly carries out a quality control check on our office chairs ensuring we are all covered in his hair.

    Billy is very good company for the out of hours team and is quite simply a very dear and special member of the Wangford Vets team
  • Desiree King RVN
    Desiree King RVN
    Registered Veterinary Night Nurse
  • Lucy O'Callaghan RVN
    Lucy O'Callaghan RVN
    Registered Veterinary Night Nurse
    Lucy has always had a passion for animals, owning everything from horses, dogs, cats, birds, small furries and exotics too! She currently looks after her three rescued kittens, one naughty rescue bengal and two energetic dalmations as well as her snake, rabbits, guinea pigs and hens - and that's alongside her job here at Wangford as an out of hours veterinary nurse!

    Lucy has worked in both farms and rescue centres before deciding to pursue a career in veterinary nursing and recently qualifying as a registered veterinary nurse. In the next few years she hopes to gain experience in emergency and critical care as well as pursuing a further certification in zoo and exotic animal nursing.