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Night team

Everyone at our practice is committed to providing you with the very best in pet healthcare. Our veterinary team bring a wealth of experience to the practice and have individually obtained high standards of professional qualification.

You are looking at our 24 hour emergency night team. To see our day team, please click here.

It’s a bit lonely... there are no team members yet.
  • Billy
    Friend to Everyone
    On the 22nd April 2024 we said goodbye to our dear friend Billy

    Billy was so much more than just our practice cat; he was a much-loved member of the Wangford Vets family, keeping us company 24/7.
    He reached a remarkable 20 and a half years of age and he will live on in our hearts forever.
    Rest in peace lovely Billy – you will be so missed. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Billy lives at Wangford Vets and is everyone’s friend, especially if there happens to be tuna sandwiches on the go!

    At over 20 1/2 years old (Approximately 115 in human years) he is the most senior member of the Wangford team, and seems to spend a lot of time power napping.

    He keeps an eye on everyone and regularly carries out a quality control check on our office chairs ensuring we are all covered in his hair.

    Billy is very good company for the out of hours team and is quite simply a very dear and special member of the Wangford Vets team
  • Lucy O'Callaghan RVN
    Lucy O'Callaghan RVN
    Registered Veterinary Night Nurse
    Lucy has always had a passion for animals, owning everything from horses, dogs, cats, birds, small furries and exotics too! She currently looks after her three rescued kittens, one naughty rescue bengal and two energetic dalmatians as well as her snake, rabbits, guinea pigs and hens - and that's alongside her job here at Wangford as an out of hours veterinary nurse!

    Lucy has worked in both farms and rescue centres before deciding to pursue a career in veterinary nursing and recently qualifying as a registered veterinary nurse. In the next few years she hopes to gain experience in emergency and critical care as well as pursuing a further certification in zoo and exotic animal nursing.
  • Diana Gilliland RVN
    Diana Gilliland RVN
    Registered Veterinary Night Nurse
    Diana has been qualified as a registered veterinary nurse since 2010 and in that time has worked in a variety of clinical enviroments. She has worked in very small teams right up to the vastness of the Royal Vetetrinary College.

    Diana says, she has discovered that her passion is in working out of hours, with emergency and critical patients . She says every night is different and being able to nurse critical patients back to full health is incredibly rewarding.

    She has 4 cats, Gordon, Brian, George and Vivienne who have all been hand reared. Diana also has a beautiful Golden Retriever called Elsie.

    In her spare time she enjoys growing a lot of her own fruits and vegetables which she turns into recipes. Diana also enjoys getting out hiking with Elsie but also loves relaxing in front of the fire with a good book or cheesy movie.
  • Kendra Caine RVN
    Kendra Caine RVN
    Registered Veterinary Night Nurse
    Kendra is a registered Veterinary Nurse who began working in practice in 2016 and completed her veterinary nurse training at the College of Animal Welfare in 2019. Once qualified, she quickly discovered her passion for emergency and critical care nursing.

    Kendra lives in Oulton with her black labrador, Luna. Outside of work Kendra enjoys reading, spending time with her loved ones and going for long walks with Luna.