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Throughout Rabbit Awareness Week, our nurses will be offering FREE nurse clinic appointments which will include a full clinical examination and any questions or queries answered. This includes information about Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RVHD2) the new variant of RVHD1 that you may have seen in the news recently and is often fatal in rabbits who are not vaccinated against this deadly disease. 

There will be a 5% discount on rabbits vaccinations and free rabbit treats especially for this week, so this is definitely a good opportunity to get you pet protected.

*The nurse will happily clip your bunny’s nails if they need doing

*Your rabbit’s weight will be checked, as it is important that rabbits have a healthy lifestyle and are kept at a correct weight. You can use this opportunity to check your pet’s diet with the nurse.

* The nurse will have a look in your rabbits mouth as a rabbits teeth constantly grow throughout their lifetime. We can check and make sure they do not grow too long. Their back teeth can also develop spurs that can grow into their cheeks or tongue which can be very painful and even affect their ability to eat.

* We can also help you with flystrike prevention. This can be a very serious condition, which happens in warmer months. Fly’s lay their eggs on the rabbits fur, which can quickly develop into maggots. Our nurses will be able to talk to you about preventative measures and treatments that can be used.

To book for this FREE RABBIT CHECK please call reception on 01502 578999