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Many of you will remember Forrest – a Hearing Dog Puppy sponsored, by the team from Wangford Vets for around a year now.

We though you might like an update on the progress of this lovely boy.

Thanks to Hearing Dogs For Deaf People for the excellent pictures

For part of Forrest's training, he needs to be happy when traveling on public transport. So, his volunteer puppy socialiser Caroline recently took him for an exciting trip by rail!

Here they are at the ticket hall. 'Please take extra care' says the sign behind. Forrest looks like it's not really a problem! There can often be a lot of bustle and noise in a ticket hall, but it looks like Caroline's done exactly the right thing, by taking him during a quiet period so he can just sit and become used to the surroundings.

Forrest needs to get used to the over-ground form of this transport first. Eventually he may need to help a deaf recipient navigate the actual underground, whether in London or in any of the other cities that has these systems. It's very important that Forrest is happy in all these situations - not just tolerating them, but actually calm and comfortable no matter what. He looks fairly calm and comfortable to us?

After a hard day's commuting, it's back out into the fresh air for our Forrest in, appropriately enough, a forest, with lovely leaf-strewn areas to sit down in.

And that’s it for the latest instalment on Forrest! The Hearing Dogs team tell us he’s a fantastic boy and they are really very proud of him.

Thanks again from, from all of us at Wangford Vets, for supporting our Hearing Dogs fundraising and thank you for following our sponsoring of Forrest!

A New Puppy!

We’ve been enjoying following Forrest so much, that we have decided to sponsor another Hearing Dog puppy!

Meet Rusty - 

Sex: Male 

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Colour: Gold

Likes: Cuddles, garden cuttings, cardboard boxes

Dislikes: Puppies who won't play with him

More on Rusty in our next pup-date!

If you are interested in sponsoring a puppy yourself, go to https://www.hearingdogs.org.uk/search/?SearchQuery=sponsor+a+puppy


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