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Addressing your concerns about NexGard

It has come to our attention that concerns have been raised by members of the public about the use of NexGard / NexGard Spectra to treat our dogs against ticks and fleas. 

Facebook is a valuable tool for circulating information, however, the NexGard information in the post we saw is not validated nor put into context and so has led to confusion and unnecessary concern. As you will see later in this article not treating your pet may actually be detrimental to its health. 

Merial, the manufacturer of Nexgard/Nexgard Spectra have advised us that they have no concerns about these products when used in healthy animals according to the data sheet. 

As prescription medications these products have undergone extensive testing and are monitored by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for Quality, Safety and Efficacy. Even at five times the recommended dose these products have been found to be safe. 

Over 50 million doses of NexGard have been sold since the launch of this product and continuous monitoring of the product safety is carried out worldwide. 

We would like to reassure you that it is very unusual for animals to show untoward effects following treatment with NexGard. Adverse effects are generally mild and occur very rarely (less than 1 animal in 10,000 treated). This statistic includes mild adverse reactions and unsubstantiated/incidental ones. 

If however, you don’t treat your pets for fleas and ticks the risk of diseases to your pet, yourself and other animals can be high. Lymes disease (a debilitating disease of dogs and people) is an example of a tick borne disease that is steadily becoming more prevalent in this country. With more and more dogs travelling abroad under the pet passport scheme, the risk of some of them bringing back exotic diseases is increasing. It is no longer a legal requirement to treat for ticks before re-entering the UK, although like most vets we would strongly recommend this. Babesiosis (a fatal tick borne disease causing anaemia and death) has been reported in several parts of the country for the first time in dogs that have not left this country. It is thought that this disease is now here as a result of dogs introducing infected ticks from abroad. If the dogs had been treated for ticks before entering the country disease spread would likely have been avoided. 

Pets not treated for fleas can develop severe skin problems, tapeworm infestations and anaemia. 

If we had any concerns you can be reassured that we would not be prescribing NexGard for our own or clients pets