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Good dental hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for humans.

Maintaining your pets oral health contributes towards their overall wellbeing.
A dental de scale and polish will hopefully prevent, or slow down dental disease developing again in the future.

We offer Free dental checks with our nurses and advice on maintaining oral hygiene – looking after your pet’s teeth and gums - appropriate diet, brushing, chews and toys etc 

Often picked up are on check
developmental anomalies - deciduous (baby) teeth, missing and extra teeth,
an accumulation of plaque and tartar, cracked or loose teeth.

Take advantage of our special price dental, de-scale and polish through September and October. Call reception for more details and price.

The downside of leaving dental problems untreated is your pet's teeth and gums can change rapidly. Advanced dental disease is not only painful and uncomfortable for pets, the procedure to clean and remove teeth becomes more complicated and often more costly to treat.