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The idea is that in an emergency or if a pet owner is suddenly taken ill the key-ring will alert the emergency services to look in the pet owner’s wallet or purse alerting them to the fact that there are dogs, cats or any other animal at home that will need to be cared for. On the back of the card there is space for information and contact number to be added of the people that should be contacted to care for them if the situation should arise.

In these days where the animal rescue homes are full to breaking point a friend or neighbour could be called upon to go in and provide food ect or even have the animal stay with them . If someone lives on their own there is even a possibility that these pets could be forgotten and starve.
We have put a great deal of thought into this idea and have indeed heard of circumstances where pets have been forgotten about or where no provision has been made for their care. As animal lovers and owners ,ourselves the thought of pets being left to fend for themselves is unthinkable.
It’s hoped too, that it will make the jobs of all the emergency services just a little easier and less time consuming in having to find somewhere that will take these home alone pets.

Wangford Vets have 1000 of these key-ring and card set to give away to clients and non-clients may buy the set for £1. They can be picked up from reception at any time you are passing.
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