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Six months after the introduction of compulsory micro-chipping of dogs in England, the Dogs Trust says figures show more than 4,700 stray dogs in the UK last year couldn’t be reunited with their owners, due to outdated microchips. This is the equivalent of one in eight pets and almost 3,500 stray dogs had to be put down.

Many more dogs, who were previously unregistered, are now chipped, however, lots people either simply forget to update their pets details on the microchip database or hesitate when they find out there is an additional cost of £15 to do so.

Owners of dogs not micro-chipped or with incorrect contact details are liable to a fine up to £500! But worst of all, is the fear and uncertainty of what will happen to them if they become lost or even stolen.
To update your details or you have lost the microchip details for your pet simply go to www.check-a-chip.co.uk