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Not had he/she since a kitten? Missed a year? With busy lives it is all too easy for booster vaccinations to be missed, leaving your pet vulnerable to serious diseases so don't miss this opportunity to  get them protected again!

Don’t forget cats roam around large areas often coming into contact with other cats in the area which may not be vaccinated and potentially carry fatal diseases such as ‘cat flu’ and Feline Leukaemia Virus. Even an indoor cat can run the risk of encountering disease, if they go into a cattery or simply escape out of an open window.  By making sure your cat is kept up to date with their vaccines, you can protect them and the spread of infectious diseases.

Throughout October 2016 we are offering the full vaccination course for the price of a booster.  So long as the first vaccination has been administered and paid for in October, two/three weeks later the second vaccination will be given free of charge.