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Puppies learn a lot when they play. We provide a safe place for them to socialise and have a positive encounter with other pups. They also get to meet our vets and nurses while experiencing a variety of new sights, sounds and smells. Things we take for granted - like hats or umbrellas - or men with beards - can seem strange and maybe even scary to young dogs. At the puppy party they’ll encounter these things and more - they’ll even learn about letters coming through the letterbox and landing on the floor! 

A visit to the Vet can be a scary experience for a young pup, but the party gives them a positive association with the practice because they’ve had fun there! The party lasts just over an hour and is free of charge. Vets Walter and Boris will be talking about some of the aspects of caring for a puppy to ensure it grows into a healthy adult dog as well giving advice on emergency first aid. Nurses Estelle and Steph will be on hand to answer any of your concerns and give you advice on anything from early dental care to the safest type of toys you can provide to keep your puppy not only entertained but safe too. In addition Natalie and Richard from Barking Mad Dog Training School have kindly agreed to come along to complete the team to give your puppy the best possible kind of socialising experience.

 Our next Puppy Party will be on Wednesday 9th March at Wangford Veterinary Clinic at 7pm. Puppies need to be aged at least 9 weeks to join our parties and have had their first vaccinations. Please phone early to reserve your place (01502 578999) as classes can be no more than eight puppies at a time. Refreshments will be available for both humans and puppies.