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Santa Paws  thank you

I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of myself and the team at Wangford Veterinary Clinic for the amazing support and generosity of local people following our appeal for food, toys, treats and bedding.

Since appealing to the pet loving public in assisting us  to help the local pet rescue centres we have been completely overwhelmed and thrilled by people’s kindness. From the very start of this year’s appeal donations started to pour in, from beautiful hand knitted blankets made with love especially for the cat rescue homes to food, treats, collars, leads , toys and cosy beds to curl up in for the dogs. Everything in fact to keep pets that have not yet been lucky enough to be adopted as comfortable and as happy as possible.

We are delighted to be able to support local pet rescue homes in this way and with money still coming in the total raised looks like it will be in the region of £800. Together with all the donated goods  to share amongst our local  charities it has been  one of the most successful years ever. We are genuinely moved and inspired by your thoughtfulness and continued support and know all of the animals would be saying thank you if they could!

Walter Stöhr

Wangford Veterinary Clinic


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