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According to the non-profit organisation, DogLost, reports of stolen dogs were 65% higher during lockdown compared with last year. 

Police in the county have warned owners to be extra-vigilant after 17 dog thefts in recent weeks.

Hopfully this wont happen to you but its good to be prepared - We have listed a few things you can do now. 

Keep your Microchip records up-to-date

To increase the chance of being reunited with your dog, make sure that not only is your dog microchipped, but also that all your contact details are still correct. It is something that a lot of us forget to do, but outdated phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses are useless to an animal shelter, vets or anyone else who is trying to reunite you with your dog. 

If you have lost your pet's microchip record card, or you want to confirm details etc please contact www.check-a-chip.co.uk of the practice for help. 

What happens if your microchipped pet goes missing?

When a pet goes missing, they sometimes end up being brought in to us or another veterinary clinic, taken to the dog warden or an animal shelter. Your pet will be scanned on arrival for a microchip, which will reveal the number on the chip. The pet recovery database company will be called, and you will be contacted to pick up your pet.

Somthing else you can do now to help

Another suggestion that you can do now is to take clear photographs of your dog from different angles. These can be used for missing posters and on social media so that others are able to recognise your dog as well as helping to prove ownership if needed.

If you are like me and worry every time you leave home, you may like to take a look at a leaflet the Blue Cross have compiled. It has some excellent preventative advice. You can download their leaflet from our useful links page: https://www.wangfordvetclinic.com/page/9008/useful-links

If the worst happens and your dog gets lost or stolen – you need to act quickly.

*Register your dog missing/lost with the non-profit organisation, DogLost UK They are the UK’s largest lost and found dog service and they do a wonderful job of circulation a missing dogs photo and information. Go to: https://www.doglost.co.uk/

*Use social media to get images of your stolen pet out in the public domain. 

*Call your Vet Practice and others in your area, just in case your dog has been found, injured or wondering. They will take down you details and often put a call out on their own social media. 

*Contact the Police, your local animal warden, and rescue centres. Dont forget to inform the microchip database too,  in case your pet escapes or is dumped.