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Summer, is barbecue season and many of us will be making the most of it. It’s the season of BBQ’s at home, with friends, at fetes, on the beach and whilst camping, and our furry family members are often their too.

The trouble is that there tends to be lots of fat drenched food around, often within easy reach of our pets. We know some of your pets (and our own) and when it comes to food, they simply don't have an off button.   

A BBQ smells good to us, but a dog’s sense of smell is significantly more powerful than ours, so they are going to find the smell very appealing as they sit at our feet, patiently waiting for any leftovers that may come their way. . The danger here is that fatty BBQ foods plus greedy pets could result in a number of problems that could mean a trip to the vets.  

Innocent looking scraps such as the strip of fat, cut from the edge of a steak can be very harmful to a dog; dogs can't digest fatty meats properly, so they can end up with gastroenteritis or worse pancreatitis.  

Corn on the Cob is difficult for dogs to digest and can also be a choking hazard as well as an intestinal blockage so a definite no no there!

Bones, especially chicken bones in legs and wings can splinter and get stuck in your pet’s digestive tract and pierce a dog’s bowel. Similarly Kebab skewers can puncture the intestines and get stuck in throats when greedily wolfed down with delicious pieces of meat.

These are a few things to be vigilant for including the fact that a dog (or cat) focusing on the food being cooked can receive significant burns from attempting to grab food form the BBQ itself.   

Far from being killjoys we just want you to have a great time but also make sure the good times don’t end badly for your furry family members.