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Act quickly - heatstroke can be fatal! If dogs show any signs of heatstroke move them to a shaded, cool area and ring us immediately on 01502 578999

Symptoms include:

• heavy panting

• profuse salivation

• rapid pulse

• very red gums/tongue

• lethargy

• lack of co-ordination

• reluctance/inability to rise after collapsing

• vomiting

• diarrhoea

• loss of consciousness

Urgently, gradually lower their body temperature:

• Immediately douse them with cool (not cold) water, to avoid shock, ensuring that it makes contact with the skin and paying particular attention to the head and neck - you could use a shower or spray and place them in the breeze of a fan.

• If they are having difficulty breathing remove the collar and open the airway by laying the dog on its side, extend the neck and pull out the tongue.

• Continue dousing until their breathing settles - 10 minutes should be more than enough. Never cool dogs so much that they begin shivering.

• Let them drink small amounts of cool water.

• Once your dog is cool, immediately go to the vet. Wet towels can be used during transportation.