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Over 3.8 million dogs in the UK are overweight or obese, according to a new study and reported in the Pet Gazette.

Like many owners one of my dogs puts on weight easily and I find it near impossible to resist that look she gives me when we are anywhere near food.  You know the look — the slight head tilt, the pleading eyes, perhaps a little whimper, just for emphasis.   I love her so much, I have been at work and feel guilty, how can I say no, so even though she has had her supper, I give in and give her a treat or two, how can it hurt I say to myself (sound familiar?) but back at the vets I am told if you really want to show her how much you care, take her for an extra walk instead!

The fact is, digestively-speaking, your dog doesn’t need extra treats to get him through the day. Giving in and handing over treats, only contributes to the (literally) ever-growing issues with obesity that is being seen in dogs now. It’s estimated by veterinary professionals that feeding a dog a balanced diet and keeping his weight down could extend its life by at least two years and dramatically improve their quality of life.

So no more treats for Tia, no more ‘human’ food treats like cheese or biscuits, no more leftovers or scraps and only a limited number of pet treats but loads more of lovely walks together.

Why not call in and pick up your Free Frisbee and head off to the beach or park with your dog. You are also always welcome to call in and weigh your dog whenever you are passing.