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Well summer is finally here and as we are lucky enough to live on the beautiful Suffolk coast most of us enjoy taking our dogs - its great fun for both you and your dog but remember to keep safe.

Don’t forget to take: • Water bottles and bowl for hydration • Beach umbrella or windbreak for shade • Towels to lie on instead of hot sand • Dog sun cream for skin that is at risk of being burnt (white and thin haired dogs) and of course poo bags

The summer heat can be a threat to your dog.

Dogs that are dehydrated may show signs such as:  Panting and Drooling, Vomiting, Collapsing, Lack of coordination and Diarrhoea. If see these symptoms or you are at all concerned call your vet immediately.

Look out for Beach Hazards

There are many beach hazards that your dog may come across when strolling along the shore. Try to discourage your dog from drinking sea water, it acts as a gastrointestinal irritant and can give your dog diarrhoea which can rapidly make them become dehydrated especially on a hot day. Some dogs love to swim and are natural born swimmers, however others may struggle or swim out too far, especially younger dogs. Do not allow your dog to pick up or eat items found on the beach, i.e. seaweed, rubbish, decomposing birds and fish etc. Some of these at best may give your dog an upset stomach or at worst may contain fish hooks. If you suspect your dog of swallowing a fish hook DO NOT PULL OR CUT THE LINE OR ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE HOOK YOURSELF - bring them to us immediately. We have removed fish hooks from mouths, throats, stomachs, and paws.