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Giving pizza to your poodle, bacon to your beagle and chips to your chihuahua can be an easy mistake when those puppy dog eyes get the better of you and before you know it you’re sharing food with your furry friend; unknowingly putting them at risk of obesity.

Begging for scraps off the table is something most self-respecting dogs do and it takes a hard heart to deny your beloved hound a few choice leftovers and tit-bits that otherwise would end up in the bin.
Kindness that can be harmful to pets comes in the form of an overabundance of food and treats. The all-too-common result is a pet that becomes overweight or even obese

FREE Weight Management Clinics 

The nurse will assess your pet’s body condition and tailor a feeding and exercise regime practical to your pet’s capabilities and your schedule. If you are concerned about your pet please give us a call.

Free Frisbee, calorie counter, and diet tips sheet.