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We are continually surprised by the things dogs will eat.  Sadly many dogs will suffer pain, permanent damage to body organs, and, in some cases, fatally from swallowing the wrong thing. We thought we would put together a list to help you identify the major hazards in your household.

There are three classes of Swallowing Dangers:

Toxins: these are corrosive such as anti-freeze, which will burn the oesophagus. For toxins we need to mop up as quickly as possible inside the pets stomach, we will pump the stomach and in some cases have to operate.

Foreign bodies: these can be objects such as toy balls, chicken bones, stones or even items of clothing. In these cases we nearly always need to go in and remove it.

Poisons: these can be common everyday items found around the home. Many of them you eat every day in your normal daily diet. Chocolate, grapes, onions, medicines like headache pills and even health food supplements contain dog poisons. Clearly things like rat bait, slug and snail pellets and weed killers will be poisonous.

If you think your dog has eaten any of the items above or similar it is important to get to the clinic as soon as you can. It could save the life of your pet. Remember, the following four steps: 

  1. Prevent the dog from eating any more of the poison
  2. Phone the practice (01502 578999) immediately
  3. Collect any packaging
  4. Get to the surgery as quickly as possible