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  • Ted - (the Tedster)
    Ted - (the Tedster)
    Product Tester & Mums Boy
    A handsome (and I know I am a little bias) Fox Red Labrador who often comes into the office – he makes a very good product tester, as is quite discerning for a Labrador. With over 6 years of product testing under his collar, he has helped me recommend many a product from long lasting and tasty treats to the Kong Wobbler that keeps him busy when he has to be left alone for a while.

    Favourite Toy : Something soft that he can carry around and give to visitors

    Likes : Coming to work with mum, lots of cuddles, long walks, the beach, swimming, training, TV, especially Paul O'Grady's For the Love of Dogs and to sniff and cuddle up to the family's cats but is a bit scared of them!

    Dislikes: The Bin men, the hoover and being ignored.

    Poppies on 4 Paws model (raising funds for the Royal British Legion)
  • Peggy
    Loves to cuddle up cats, humans and other dogs. Loves to play and to her anything and everything is a toy.

    Works hard at the Pet First Aid evenings as a practice patient for bandaging.

    Peggy reviews the small buffalo chews

    I can smell a buffalo chew as soon as it enters the house, once the pack is open I will hunt them down, regardless of where they are hidden and whine until I am given one. Mum says they are good for my teeth to have every now and again.
    When mum pops one of those chews in her pocket on a walk, I am the most obedient dog ever!
  • Billy
    The Practice Cat
    Billy lives here at Wangford Vets, is loved by everyone and very spoilt

    He came here around two years ago when his owner went into residential care and they didn't allow cats. Billy is 19 years old and we are pleased to say he really settled in to life here really well. There is a beautiful photo of Billy in consultation room 4 and he often appears on our Facebook page.

    Likes: loves to eat and could do it all day long! Sunbathing on the back of the sofa, sleeping, lunch times and making us all feel guilty if we don't share our lunch with him. He is not a great cuddle cat but does enjoy being in our company and being talked too.

    Dislikes: Being moved, dogs sniffing him and the hover