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… your award winning, independent small animal practice

Catherine Thomas has been operating Suffolk Exotic Vets within Wangford Vets since 2014, seeing all kinds of exotic species. Over the years the service has become very popular and it has outgrown the facilities available within Wangford vets.

 In October 2020 Suffolk Exotic Vets opened an exotic animal only clinic, on the first floor above Wangford Vets. 

 Catherine and her team are now able to provide a top class service for all exotic animal species in a custom designed clinic. The clinic has a separate entrance and waiting area meaning that the patients won’t have to see or hear any dogs or cats. There will be a dedicated team ready to welcome you and your exotic pet to the clinic and to ensure gold standard care for your pet throughout their stay with us.

The staff within Wangford vets will still be available to see any species of small animal for basic veterinary care but if you would like to bring your pet to Suffolk Exotic Vets instead please contact the team at Suffolk Exotic Vets with the contact details above. If your pet is seen within Wangford Vets and the team feel that your pet would be better dealt with by Suffolk Exotic Vets then they will be able to easily refer your pet.

If you would like to know more about Suffolk Exotic Vets or make an appointment you can use this link to the main website