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With our clinic situated in a rural area, a transport service is something we have thought about and wanted to provide for a long time. With limited public transport in our area and not everyone having access to a car, attending appointments usually means asking family or neighbours. We know that some local taxi services prefer not to take pets and coordinating a bus timetable with an appointment is difficult to say the least, even if you are lucky enough to be on a bus route. With this in mind, we are pleased to tell you that we are now able to offer a safe, reliable and personal option for pet owners in the area.

We hope to take the stress out of pet transport for veterinary appointments by offering an affordable and reliable service that works, especially for those who no longer drive or have access to a car throughout the day. Our drivers are happy to help get pets on-board and always carry a ramp for when it is needed. They guarantee to get your pet to their destination securely and in comfort, so you can sit back and relax knowing your pets are in safe and reliable hands.

Our friendly drivers are genuine animal lovers, who have a wealth of experience and completely understand the bond that people share with their pets, thus operating a “one of the family” policy and tailoring the service to individual needs. Pet hair and a few muddy footprints is ok with us !

To find out more about this service call Debbie on 01502 579000 or call the Wangford Vets reception on 01502 578999. Cost of transport is based on milage. 

For prescription deliveries you can call reception to order your pets medication and ask for Paws Go Places Delivery – the cost for this service is £3.50

You can also order your repeat prescriptions online by simply registering on our website https://www.wangfordvetclinic.com/ to set up a personal account. Once you have completed this you will then be able to order repeat medication for each pet by selecting their name. Full instructions attached.